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Black Magic - The Ultimate Distortion Controller
Control Distortion in Metal Parts 150 lbs. or Less

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Frequently Asked Questions About Meta-Lax Technology

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Control Machining Distortion In Metal Parts 150 lbs. or Less

Black Magic - How it Works
Black Magic induces a mild sub-harmonic vibrational energy (Meta-Lax Techology ®)for the weight load of the components being treated. This energy level is maintained from 25 to 65 minutes, based on the type of metal. The results is less distortion in subsequent manufacturing steps.

This technology has been used since 1970 on high quality components such as deep space probes, medical implants, engine parts and rifile barrels, to name a few.

Black Magic Comes in Two Sizes

12" x 18" Platform for Parts from 0-50 lbs.
2) 15" x 30" Platform for Parts from 30-150 lbs.

Black Magic for The Racing Industry
Get The Winning Edge

1) Control Distortion
2) Improve Engine Performance
3) Reduce Component Fatigue
4) Blocks & Heads
5) Brake Rotors
6) Pistons & Valve Springs
7) Crankshafts & Camshafts
8) and much more....
For Engine Builders & Race Teams

Black Magic - When to Use It
Black Magic should be used immediately before every manufacturing step where distortion is anticipated. These manufacturing steps include:

2) Grinding
3) EDMing
4) Hardening
5) Heat Treating
6) Sawing

It can be used on finished parts to reduce delayed distortion and distortion in service life.

Black Magic Application Benefits
1) Reduce Distortion up to 85%
2) Reduce Grind Time up to 75%
3) Reduce Machine Time up to 50%
4) Reduce Scrap up to 100%
5) No Treatment Distortion
6) No Trucking
7) Save Time & Money

Black Magic for Gun Barrels
Get The Shooter's Edge & Stay On Target
1) Increase Contuinued Accuracy
2) Improve Performance
3) Extend Barrel Life
4) Hand Guns
5) Shot Guns & Rifles
6) Double (O/U & S/S)
7) Rough and Machined Barrel
For End Users and Manufacturers
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